Green space managers

Park managers, park rangers, arboriculturalists, horticulturalists, green keepers, landscape contractors and managers plan and maintain our urban parks and green spaces.

Park keeper

Fredy Tematema, keeper of Moonlit and Sunset parks in Attwood Green, Birmingham
Photo by Mischa Haller

We provide advice through our enabling service, publications and toolkits to support high quality green spaces and make the case for continued investment in our parks

How we help green space managers


An online forum for parks managers which helps you find solutions to problems in parks or green spaces – and share success stories

Community green: using local spaces to tackle inequality and improve health

Local green spaces are not being used because of their poor quality, according to our new report.

Decent homes need decent spaces

An action plan to improve the quality of open spaces within social housing areas.

Guide to green space apprenticeships

A good practice guide to help local authorities and others to plan and manage successful horticulture apprenticeship programmes.

Parks and green spaces

A summary of what we are doing to promote well-designed parks and squares as a crucial part of our towns and cities.

Open space strategies

Practical guidance to local authorities and their stakeholders on how to prepare, deliver, monitor and review an open space strategy.

Making the invisible visible: the real value of park assets

Discover new methods for putting a financial value on parks, which could help generate better future investment.

Urban green nation: building the evidence base

Useful facts on the importance of green spaces for people.

Green space skills

Find out what we are planning to do about the skills shortage of skills in the green space sector.

Green infrastructure on Sustainable Cities

Find out more about how the network of green (and blue) elements can help towns and cities tackle climate change.

The Grey to Green campaign

CABE's campaign to shift funding from grey to green infrastructure calls for a landscape architect in every local authority.

Community engagement toolkit

Start using Spaceshaper, a free and practical community engagement toolkit, to help measure the quality of your public spaces.

Adapting public space to climate change

Learn from our research and guidance on reducing the effects of climate change using green infrastructure.

Improve the performance of your parks

Use our free toolkit to help assess your green space service against a model of best practice and plan improvements.

Paying for parks

Help combat the funding crisis in parks by learning about eight key funding models in the UK and abroad.

CABE Space leaders programme

Resources from our intensive three-day learning and development programme for green space managers.