Social landlords

Registered social landlords, arms length management organisations and some local authorities provide more than four million homes for 17 per cent of the total households in England.

Noel Murphy, Places for People

Noel Murphy, Places for People

These organisations deliver a huge range of services for the whole community, not just their own residents, and contribute enormously to the quality of life of neighbourhoods.

We provide advice to support social landlords through our enabling service, training and publications.

How we help social landlords

Building for Life

The national standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods.


A practical toolkit to measure the quality of a public space before investing time and money in improving it. Also available for young people.

Decent homes need decent spaces

An action plan to improve the quality of open spaces within social housing areas.

Community green: using local spaces to tackle inequality and improve health

Learn how providing good-quality local green space is a hugely effective way to tackle inequality and improve health and wellbeing.

Guide to green space apprenticeships

A good practice guide to help local authorities, landscape contractors and others involved in delivering green space services to plan and manage successful horticulture apprenticeship programmes.

Children’s play

A new era of design thinking is encouraging more creativity in the design of play environments. We should provide imaginative, more natural play spaces that meet the needs of the wider community.

Evaluating housing proposals step-by-step

Guide helping housing designers and developers to produce well designed developments and achieve the Building for Life standard.

Selecting design and development partners

Briefing describing how evaluation and selection processes can be structured to deliver successful, well-designed places.

Agreeing a procurement strategy

Briefing outlining how important a long-term procurement strategy is for delivering high quality development.

Open space strategies

Practical guidance to local authorities and their stakeholders on how to prepare, deliver, monitor and review an open space strategy.

It’s our space

Guidance for anyone involved in a public space project for the first time, giving examples of great outdoor spaces led by community groups.

Workshops for social landlords

Find out how social landlords and associated organisations from across the country came together to debate the challenges and opportunities in delivering open space improvements.

Examples of good projects

Bromford Group: Cross Street South, Wolverhampton

Highly impressive design providing affordable houses and apartments, proving that a degraded local environment does not need to stifle style and ambition.

Northern Counties HA: Rostron Brow, Stockport

This small scheme is to be found nestled amongst Stockport’s historic, in places medieval, core.

Devon and Cornwall HA/Midas Homes: Gun Wharf, Plymouth

The Cannon and Cornwall Street housing project at Gun Wharf, Plymouth has fulfilled the need to replace a run down post-war estate with a mixed occupancy development that reflects the current needs of the area.