Inclusion and diversity

The built environment can contribute to a more equal, inclusive and cohesive society if places, facilities and neighbourhoods are designed to be accessible and inclusive for all.

Two women on Castleford Footbridge

Castleford footbridge
Photo by David Millington Photography Ltd

Decisions about the design, planning and management of places can enhance or restrict a sense of belonging, increase or reduce security, promote or reduce mobility, and improve or damage health.

CABE is committed to promoting inclusive design throughout the built environment.

Inclusion and diversity at CABE

Equality scheme and action plan

See how we plan to provide clear leadership on equality and inclusion, and use our influencing role to promote these issues in our work on the built environment.

Inclusion by design

Understand how good design can help create places that work for everyone.

Community green: using local spaces to tackle inequality and improve health

Local green spaces are not being used because of their poor quality, according to our new report.

Decent homes need decent spaces

An action plan to improve the quality of open spaces within social housing areas.

Inclusive design

Learn about the process of designing, building, managing and populating places and spaces so that they work for everyone.

The principles of inclusive design. (They include you.)

Understand our five principles for inclusive design and see how good design reflects the diversity of people who use it, not impose barriers.

Design and access statements: how to write, read and use them

Find out how design and access statements help local planning authorities decide if development improves the character, quality and functioning of an area.

Minority ethnic representation in the built environment professions

Read about the representation of black and minority ethnic students and professionals and their experiences of barriers to entry and progression in the industry.


Find out how to use our practical toolkit to measure the quality of a public space before investing time and money in improving it.

It's our space

Download our guide for community groups working to improve public space, with examples of great outdoor spaces.

Wendy’s journey

Follow Wendy on her rail journey from her home in London to the beach at Margate and find out the impact of design on the daily life of someone who has learning disabilities.