Whether you are already at university or thinking about career in a built environment profession, we have many resources to help you.

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The built environment is the backdrop to our lives and shapes the way we think, move and feel.  As Winston Churchill put it ‘We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us’.

But well designed buildings and places do not just happen. They call for the skills of professionals including architects, planners, engineers, horticulturalists, landscape architects, surveyors and urban designers.  

Use this page to discover resources that can help you with essays and projects or find out about careers in the built environment professions.

Researching for essays or projects

Download any of 300 free publications, browse our case study library of 400 projects or read through some of our 920 design reviews for detailed criticism of proposed schemes from the last ten years.  All of these can be filtered by the subjects that you are interested in, such as housing or sustainability.

Case studies

Discover hundreds of the best buildings and places in England, from housing schemes to schools, theatres and parks.


Investigate our enormous range of built environment publications - our expert guides and briefings are great reference material for your studies.

Design review

Study what our national panel says about major new schemes in England, and see how designs work - or don’t.

Understanding processes

Creating excellent buildings

Guidance on how to commission a building project successfully, tailored to the needs of those who are new to the commissioning and design process.

Creating successful masterplans

Updated version of our guide to masterplanning, demonstrating how a clear and considered masterplan can contribute to the physical, social and economic revival of places.

A guide to large scale urban design

How do we deal with economic, social and environmental challenges that affect the lives of people over large areas and cannot be solved through local action?