Planners are responsible for shaping a place and its surroundings, by making decisions about how land is managed and developed.

Planner looking at a plan

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We provide guidance and advice in our publications and through design review. We also work with government departments and public bodies to influence the planning system and raise design quality.

How we help planners

What we do for local government

CABE has worked with almost every council in the country, helping them to seize the creative and economic opportunities of a specific project or a long-term programme of work.


Discover how good design quality can be established via national planning policy, regional spatial strategies and local development frameworks.

Delivering good design through core strategies

Create a successful core strategy for your local development framework.

Creating successful masterplans

Discover how to produce better masterplans that lead to the physical, social and economic revival of places.

Design review

Understand our design review process, get advice on how to refer proposals, and read recent reviews.

Design and access statements

Learn what a design and access statement is, when it’s required, what it should contain and why it’s important.

Large scale urban design: getting the big picture right

How do we deal with the economic, social and environmental challenges of large areas that cannot be solved through local action? This guide outlines a new approach to large scale urban design and includes our step-by-step guide to a new workshop-based process.

Housing standards: evidence and research

2010 will be a pivotal year for housing standards. We have collected the latest research on housing standards, including technical details and a comprehensive evidence base for anyone to draw from.

Design at appeal

Browse local authority decisions that were supported by a planning inspector at appeal on design grounds – it happens!

Design at a glance

Download our quick reference guide to national planning policies and statements that recognise the importance of design quality.

By design

Read about the key elements of urban design, and how to raise design standards through planning.