Urban designers

Urban designers create places through layout of buildings, infrastructure, amenities and public spaces.


Urban designer Amit Pimple

We publish guidance and advice on urban design, and offer training at our summer school. We have also developed support tools like Building for Life and our masterplanning toolkit.

How we help urban designers

Building for Life

Understand our 20 Building for Life criteria, increasingly used as an assessment of housing design quality across England.

Creating successful masterplans

Learn how to write planning documents that can lead to the physical, social and economic revival of places.

Large scale urban design: getting the big picture right

How do we deal with the economic, social and environmental challenges of large areas that cannot be solved through local action? This guide outlines a new approach to large scale urban design and includes our step-by-step guide to a new workshop-based process.

Simpler and better: housing design in everyone's interest

Is it too much to believe that all new homes can be good enough everywhere? Why has this proved so difficult in the past and what can we do to change it?

Housing standards: evidence and research

2010 will be a pivotal year for housing standards. We have collected the latest research on housing standards, including technical details and a comprehensive evidence base for anyone to draw from.

Sustainable Places

Get help to create better places. Cut through the complexities of climate change with clear priorities for action and see which places are getting it right.

Urban design summer school

Refresh your urban design skills on our annual four-day course for professionals.


Discover what we are doing to promote the principles of urban design across England, and our work with public sector clients.