Settle Hydro


Settle Hydro is an award-winning community-owned power generation project funded by Yorkshire Forward’s Renaissance Market Towns programme and by share offer. 


Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the directors of the project Settle Hydro is a regional and national award winner and has continues to receive good press coverage.

  • Yorkshire’s first community-owned hydropower station
  • The 50kW Archimedean screw at Settle Weir (near Bridge End) is expected to generate approximately 165,000 kWh (units) of electricity per year – enough for around 50 average houses, saving 80 tonnes of carbon emissions per year or 3,200 tonnes of carbon emissions over an expected lifetime of 40 years
  • The project relies heavily on community involvement and returns from selling the electricity will be used to fund further community projects in Settle

Settle Hydro was established as part of an initiative between StART (The Settle Town Team set up as part of the Renaissance Market Towns Process) and Green Settle. This scheme saw members of StART put forward the project and then become involved in direct project delivery with the creation of an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS).

After deciding on a hydro scheme they worked with h2oPE (Water Power Enterprises, a Community Interest Company committed to developing Hydro schemes) and the scheme progressed.

Settle Hydro and h2oPE worked hard together to issue a share prospectus to raise significant funds for the scheme. Shares were issued prior to the project being granted planning permission to ensure sufficient funds were available for the project to proceed. The target was to raise £100,000 and by the close of the issue in December 2008, thanks to good publicity and hard work, this had been met with 165 individual shareholders. The actual shareholding raised was £135k.

For more information on the Hydro please click here to read the full case study.

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