Community guidelines

When you make a comment on this website you enter into a community space devoted to lively dialogue about science news. Hooray!

An even bigger bonus is that your comment may be displayed in the Antenna gallery as well!

Here at Antenna, we value robust discussion. We discuss issues which can divide opinion and produce strong reactions, but however strongly you feel you’ve got to play nicely and respect the views of others.

Make sure that any comment you post is directly relevant to the discussion, and if you disagree with other users please criticise their arguments, not their character. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online.

Try to make one point per comment. It makes it easier for others to follow and to respond.

Write as if you were talking to a friend of a friend (maybe with your mother lurking in the background).

From time to time we may have to take down inappropriate comments. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Here’s a list of things that might make us get out the big red pen:

•    Swearing and insulting language – think of the kids!
•    Ranting and repetition of the same point
•    Harassing, impersonating or intimidating others
•    Giving out your own or other people’s personal information
•    Spam and off-topic comments
•    SHOUTING – you don’t need to write in caps to get your point across
•    Posts in foreign languages (we can’t read them so they might be rude)

Remember to keep your comments coherent. If we can’t understand your comment because of poor spelling, grammar or logic, we’ll have to take it down.

If you find the comments of others offensive or inappropriate, hit the ‘report abuse’ button and if we agree that they’re out of line we’ll send out the heavies (or just unpublish).

For a fuller list of community naughtiness see the BBC community guidelines.

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