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Different ways to do enterprise education

This section explores different approaches to enterprise education.

Enterprising schools and Ofsted show that the most effective schools take an inclusive approach, providing in-school training and awareness-raising for staff, who then devise different ways to enhance enterprise capability through changes to usual lessons and teaching style, as well as through specific enterprise activity.

The five days of enterprise activity for all Key Stage 4 students are the focus for wider and deeper changes in approach to other work. Existing ways of working — especially work-related activities with partners — need to be revised to achieve enterprise capability outcomes.

The five days should include activities towards the latter part of Key Stage 4, which enable students to draw on their previous enterprise learning by applying their skills, knowledge and understanding to develop and demonstrate their enterprise capability. Students should also have opportunities to reflect on, recognise and articulate what they have learned.

Activities (not all students have to do the same thing) include:

Published: 23 September 2004

Updated: 3 March 2010

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