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Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs)

This section contains information for existing ASTs, as well as for those considering applying to become ASTs.

An AST is a teacher who has passed a national assessment and been appointed to an AST post. ASTs concentrate on sharing their skills, through outreach work, with teachers in their own and other schools.

The AST grade is designed to strengthen teaching and learning through better leadership, better rewards, better training and better support. ASTs spend 80 per cent of their time teaching their own classes and 20 per cent sharing good practice in other schools.

Information and guidance about ASTs may be useful to:

  • teachers who are considering applying for an AST post
  • local authorities who need to know: information about ASTs generally; where to get further information from; and the procedures for getting ASTs in place within their authority
  • schools who are looking into the AST role and who are interested in the potential benefits of raising an AST post within their school.

Last updated: 11 June 2009

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