The Arts and Humanities Research Council [AHRC] supports world-class research that furthers our understanding of human culture and creativity.

From ancient history and heritage science to modern dance and digital content.

Research into these subjects helps us to interpret our experiences, probe our identities, interrogate our cultural assumptions and understand our historical, social, economic and political context. It adds to the economic success of the UK, through its contributions to the knowledge economy and innovation agenda. The research we fund can lead to improvements in social and intellectual capital, community identity, learning skills, technological evolution and the quality of life of the nation.

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17th century land book to be restored

A seventeenth century survey of landholdings in County Londonderry at the time of the Plantation of Ulster, which was badly damaged in a fire in the London Guildhall in 1736, is set to be restored in with the help of the AHRC.

Important information for AHRC grant applicants

In March the AHRC will be moving to a new cross-Council grants processing system as part of completing its transition to the RCUK Shared Services Centre. Due to the technical complexity of these changes, we need a short period when normal application processes are suspended.

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Details of medieval Scots made available online

The most comprehensive database ever compiled of any European kingdom’s inhabitants in the central Middle Ages has now been published online thanks to a grant from the AHRC.

AHRC Cinema project shows of Christmas past

A three year research project funded by the AHRC has explored the weird and wonderful variety of visual entertainment before cinema began.

Lessons in the language of Christ attract record numbers

An AHRC project aimed at promoting the study of the Persian Empire through one of its main source languages, has led to the academics teaching ancient Aramaic to classes of over 50 people at a time.

AHRC’s four-year financial allocations announced

The financial allocations for the AHRC for the period 2011-2015 were announced by David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science, at a press conference in London this morning.

Images of 'human exhibits' in Britain discovered

AHRC researcher discovers previously unseen photographs of Amazonians brought to London as 'living curiositites'.

AHRC and DCMS: Measuring the Value of Culture

A newly published research report offers advice to the UK cultural sector on how best to articulate their value to central government.

Space Science and Renaissance Tombs

A group of Renaissance Tomb-Monuments in Suffolk is being analysed with tools developed in Space Science, to unlock their mysterious past and offer new insights into the Tudor Reformation thanks to support from the AHRC/EPSRC Science and Heritage research programme.


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