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David Miliband

(Archived), London

Promoting Democratic Accountability: International Courts and Tribunals

Posted 07 October 2008 by David Miliband  |  8 comments
The Council of Europe Conference on International Courts and Tribunals

The Council of Europe - 47 countries founded on the back of the 20th century's failure to build a concert of European democracies committed to each other's territorial integrity and human rights - hosts an important conference at the FCO this week on the vital work of international courts and tribunals - from the ICJ to the Tribunals on former Yugoslavia and Rwanda (whose prosecutor made it to London to testify on its power).  After the grandiose but ultimately unsuccessful visions of Woodrow Wilson's internationalism, these piecemeal but powerful attempts at developing international law with teeth, right up to the International Criminal Court, are a vital prop to civilised ways of doing business in the 21st century.

David Miliband
07 October 2008

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07 October 2008

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08 October 2008

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