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David Miliband

(Archived), London

Case of Roxana Saberi

Posted 28 April 2009 by David Miliband  |  6 comments

It is hard not to be deeply concerned about the case of Roxana Saberi - the Iranian/US journalist sentenced to eight years in an Iranian prison for alleged espionage on behalf of the US.  It's striking that the charge of espionage only emerged very late in the day, and the EU with our full support has made clear that the standards of the trial were sorely lacking in terms of transparency and fairness. 

Some have suggested that this case is linked to US efforts to establish better relations with Iran - perhaps this is part of the answer or an attempt to create leverage.  Either way, this is not the way Iran can re-build its standing in the world. I can only urge Iran's leaders to take the US offer as seriously as I know it is intended.  And they should not play games with the wellbeing of a young woman who clearly loves the country her father and partner (who has written a moving letter appealing for her release) come from and that she considers to be her own.  She should be freed immediately

David Miliband
28 April 2009

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Amanda Noble
29 April 2009

>> I know Roxana personally and I cannot believe that she was involved in espionage as claimed, through...<<
Shihoko Ogawa
30 April 2009

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