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SC1 Application form for children's social care

This document was updated in November 2010.

This form should be completed by the applicant for registration or a person with the authority to represent the applicant if an organisation (see the Guide to registration for children's social care providers for more information ).

An electronic version is now available for completing on-screen.

16 Nov 2010 | HMI 070081 | Ofsted |

SC2 Declaration and consent form

This document was updated in October 2010.

This form should be completed by the applicant or social care provider including:

  • individuals
  • the Responsible Individual representing an organisation
  • partners
  • the person in charge of the day-to-day running of the provision.

Please complete this consent form as fully as possible. If you need any help completing this form please telephone Ofsted on 0300 123 1231.

An electronic version is now available for completing on-screen.

01 Oct 2010 | HMI 070082 | Ofsted |

School inspection policies and protocols

Following the introduction of Ofsted’s new arrangements for inspecting schools from the beginning of September we have been updating our policies and protocols to bring them into line with the new inspection Framework.

Updated policies and protocols relating to school selection and scheduling and the school self-evaluation form will be available on this page soon.



26 May 2010 | HMI 20080016 | Ofsted |

School inspections: a guide for parents and carers for inspection from September 2009

This page was updated in October 2010 with a PDF version of the guide.

A leaflet for parents and carers of children whose school is due for inspection. It gives information on why, how long and when we inspect, and also how parents and carers can share their views.

This leaflet is available in different languages.

08 Oct 2010 | HMI 090181 | Ofsted |

Self-audit checklist for new independent schools

This document was updated in September 2010 and republished in October 2010.

01 Oct 2010 | HMI 20060057 | Ofsted |

Self-evaluation for initial teacher education providers

This is the December 2010 submission for academic year 2009/10. A guidance document is also available from this page.

02 Nov 2010 | HMI 20100026 | Ofsted |

Single equality scheme 2010–13

Ofsted has published its single equality scheme, with the 2010 action plan. Our scheme, including the priorities and action plan, has been developed with the involvement and engagement of children and learners, employers, parents, staff, providers, stakeholders and anyone with an interest in improving education and care for children and young people and education and training for learners of all ages. We are grateful to the many people to who took the time to meet with us, to discuss equalities and human rights issues and to respond in full to our consultations.

In our scheme we set out four key equality objectives, and we say what we will do over the next three years to help us achieve them. These equality objectives are:

  • to ensure that best practice in equality and human rights is rooted in all aspects of Ofsted’s inspection and regulation functions and is based on and supported by a strong evidence base
  • to ensure that Ofsted’s inspection and regulatory work is informed by effective and inclusive consultation, engagement and communication with users
  • to ensure that the promotion of equality and human rights and elimination of discrimination and harassment is embedded in all Ofsted practice through leadership and organisational commitment
  • to ensure the development of an effective and diverse workforce.

In particular we will:

  • regularly review inspecting grade trends and the impact of inspection on providers' approaches to equality and human rights
  • identify and disseminate good practice in promoting equality and human rights by providers' across all our inspection and regulatory remits
  • consult and involve diverse networks of users to help inform our future inspection and regulatory activities
  • provide managers with support and training to enable them to lead the promotion of equality and human rights
  • improve the diversity of our workforce at middle and senior levels.

The publication of this scheme is not the end of the process of engagement and action. It is the start of our work to challenge discrimination and disadvantage, and to raise standards and improve lives.

14 Jul 2010 | HMI 100028 | Ofsted |

Standard conditions of registration for those on the Early Years and/or Childcare Registers

The aim of this guidance is assist inspectors and the National Business Unit in setting conditions of registration. A condition of registration is a restriction on a provider’s registration, or gives permission to do certain things like provide overnight care. This guidance gives some standard wording for the most common conditions. Inspectors should use this standard wording wherever it is appropriate to do so. In some circumstances the wording may need adapting to suit the particular circumstances of the provider.

15 Sep 2010 | HMI 100140 | Ofsted |

Standard wording for actions for providers on the Early Years Register

The aim of this guidance is assist inspectors in setting actions where providers fail to meet the legal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Actions tell providers what they must do to comply with requirements by a particular date, and are the most common step Ofsted uses to bring about compliance. They are used prior to registration as a result of the registration visit; at inspection; and at all other times where we find providers are not complying with requirements where it is appropriate to do so.

04 Aug 2010 | HMI 100139 | Ofsted |