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Ascension Island (British Overseas Territory)

Flag of Ascension Island
Last reviewed: 30 April 2010

Country information

Map of Ascension Island

Status: Part of the British Overseas Territory of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
Area: 90 sq km
Population: 880
Capital City: Georgetown
Languages: English
Religion: Christian
Currency: St Helena/Ascension Pound
Governor: Andrew Gurr (resides in St Helena) 


The sale of commercial air tickets between the UK and Ascension Island on the MOD South Atlantic Charter is  offered by the Ascension Island Travel Agency (AITA), a department of the Ascension Island Government.

The Ascension Island Travel Agency, AITA, is located at the AIG Shipping Office in Georgetown and is the primary contact for enquiries. Bookings can be made in person, or by telephone + 00 247 6244, Fax + 00 247 6827, or through a specially designed website, from:

Enquiries can be made by contact:
Please note that all visitors to Ascension Island require entry approval prior to travel. All visitors must complete and return the "Ascension Island Entry Permit" prior to travelling. The form can  be downloaded from the Ascension Island Government website at and should be faxed back to +(247) 6152. Please apply at least 28 days in advance of your proposed visit.

All visitors should read the Entry Permit Guidance Notes before completing their application form.

The Ascension Island entry permit is the equivalent of a travel Visa. If you do not have pre approved entry permission you will most likely not receive permission to travel. This applies to all visitors who intend to clear passport control, including those who are transferring from ship to plane and vice versa.

Country information

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Travel Advice: Ascension Island

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Ascension Island, Georgetown, The Administrator's Office


The Administrator's Office
Ascension Island
South Atlantic Ocean


(00) 247 7000


247 6152


Office hours:

Mon-Fri: 0800-1230 and 1330-1630 (to 1600 on Fridays)