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How we spend our budget

A key objective for the FCO is to provide a global network of overseas posts serving the whole of British Government, in addition to delivering our own objectives and our public services.

We also fund scholarships for overseas students and projects to support our key objectives and key interests for the UK, including counter-terrorism, climate change and counter-narcotics work.

We continue to pioneer new and more efficient ways of working to ensure value for money for the UK taxpayer and to ensure we can meet increasing demands within tightening budgets.

Spending Review 2010

HM Treasury

The Chancellor George Osborne outlined the UK Government's Spending Review on 20 October 2010. The Foreign Office settlement ensures the FCO plays its role in deficit reduction.

Review of 2008-2010

How we spend our budget, a diagram showing how the FCO's budget is broken down (Crown copyright)

In 2008/09, FCO expenditure was £2.2 billion, or around 0.5% of the Government's total spending.  

Funding programmes

School boy clutches his textbook in an African village. © Getty Images

Our funding programmes help deliver our policy goals.

Parliamentary scrutiny

A view of the Houses of Parliament with the Big Ben clocktower.

Our expenditure is scrutinised by the Foreign Affairs Committee to ensure we value to the taxpayer

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