A range of images of children and adults

Twenty questions for children

When you review your provision, find out what the children think and feel. Help them choose ways to express their views, individually and together, using language familiar to them. You may find some of these questions help focus your conversations with children.

1. What do you enjoy doing most here and why?
2. Can you choose what you want to play with here?
3. Do you help the adults decide what activities to do?
4. If you want to change the toys you are playing with, can you easily do that?
5. Is there anything else you would like to do but cannot do here?
6. What things do you like to do here outside?
7. Do you play outside enough here?
8. Are there things you would like to do outside that you don’t already do here?
9. If you want a drink do you know where to go and can you help yourself?
10.Do you like the food here?
11. Which are the best things to eat here?
12. Do you feel safe here?
13. What are the names of all the adults here?
14. Do you know if anyone else lives here?
15. How do you know when you’ve done something well here? Who tells you?
16. What don’t you like here and is there anything that makes you sad?
17. Who can you talk to if you feel sad or unhappy when you are here?
18. Can you spend enough time with your friends here?
19. Can you move around here when you want to?
20. What is the best thing about coming here? What is the worst?