M8 Harthill footbridge replacement, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

M8 Harthill footbridge replacement
Project Information
  • Client: Transport Scotland
  • Principal designer: Buro Happold
  • Principal contractor: Raynesway Construction Ltd
  • Contract value: £5.2 million

About the project

The M8 Harthill footbridge is a key element of a park and ride facility that provides sustainable transport to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The footbridge is fully enclosed and weatherproof, providing a well lit, inclusive and safe crossing point. The light-weight double helix steel truss frame has a glazed interior and approach ramps rising from the ground to meet the bridge provide access for everyone.

The main span is 90 metres long, with slender ‘V’ supports. The elegant structure was detailed with care, making it visually striking from both close quarters, as a pedestrian crossing the bridge, or further away, as a motorist passing below. Feature lighting makes it a landmark on this much travelled journey.

High-quality workmanship was a priority. The bridge span was built off site, limiting site work and making the final installation process swift and problem free.

A complex design in a highly constrained site has been delivered successfully and under budget as a result of effective teamwork.

Judges' comment

"’This landmark structure, halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow, crosses Scotland’s busiest motorway and provides a new link to Harthill."

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