Supplementary guidance and resources for inspectors

Two zip files – A–E and F–Z – have supplementary guidance and resources for the following topics.

Every term, some documents are updated. Schools inspection documents: summary of changes has details of the latest amendments. The zips now include a document on special educational needs and/ or disabilities in mainstream schools.


  • academies
  • attainment – supplementary guidance
  • attainment – judging attainment and achievement
  • attainment - training materials
  • attendance
  • behaviour – inspecting behaviour supplementary guidance
  • boarding provision – inspection of boarding provision in maintained residential schools in England
  • children's centres
  • clerical support for section 5 inspections
  • community cohesion – inspecting maintained schools’ duty to promote community cohesion
    concerns identified by an inspector about a school
  • the Diploma 2010/11
  • Early Years Foundation Stage - inspecting the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • engagement with parents and carers – the effectiveness of the school’s engagement with parents and carers briefing for section 5 inspectors
  • English as an additional language
  • equalities – inspecting equalities guidance for section 5 inspectors
  • evaluation schedule – further guidance
  • Every Child Matters indicators with exclusion information – national comparator values for data related to wider well-being outcomes
  • evidence forms – guidance on the use of evidence forms
  • extended school provision – guidance for inspectors


  • faith schools
  • governance – the effectiveness of the governing body briefing for section 5 inspectors
  • governing body – inspecting childcare managed by the governing body
  • healthy lifestyles – the extent to which pupils adopt healthy lifestyles briefing for section 5 inspectors
  • Learner Achievement Tracker
  • learners with medical needs
  • Ofsted house style guide
  • partnerships – the effectiveness of partnerships in promoting learning and well-being briefing for section 5 inspectors
  • PRUs
  • safeguarding – briefing for section 5 inspectors on safeguarding children
  • SEF – guidance for inspectors on what to do if a school has not prepared a SEF
  • sixth forms
  • special schools
  • special educational needs and/or disabilities in mainstream schools New
  • specialist schools
  • sustainable development
  • teaching and learning – the quality of teaching and the use of assessment to support learning
  • value for money – the effectiveness with which the school deploys resources to achieve value for money