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Latest Developments

Close up of an electricity pylon

Coalition announces transformation of power market - 16 December 2010


Reforms aimed at moving the UK to the front of the global race for electricity investment, driving the growth of clean energy industries in the UK, and ensuring the best possible deal for consumers were proposed by coalition Ministers today.


DECC and HM Treasury have together launched consultations on fundamental reforms to the electricity market to ensure the UK can meet its climate goals and have a secure, affordable supply of electricity in the long term. The key proposals include:


  • Four reforms to provide long-term certainty for electricity investors
  • A new market to have built-in level playing field for low carbon
  • Rules for existing investments protected
  • Long term impact on household electricity bills lower than under the current market


Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne said:


“These reforms lay the foundations for a sustainable economy, bringing billions in investment in the UK through greater certainty, safeguarding jobs up and down the supply chain, and giving the UK real competitive advantage in advanced energy technologies.


“More than £110 billion of investment is needed in new power stations and grid upgrades over the next decade, that’s double the rate of the last ten years. Put simply, the current market is not fit to deliver this .... our reforms will also make sure there is enough spare supply to keep the lights on reliably. They will protect the rules for existing investments. And, over the long term, they will achieve more, while resulting in bills lower than they would otherwise be.”


PM welcomes significant Cancun success - 12 December 2010


The Prime Minister has welcomed the agreement that has been reached at the Cancun Summit and praised Chris Huhne and UK team on the successful conclusion to the negotiations.

In a statement released over the weekend, David Cameron said:


"The Cancun agreement is a very significant step forward in renewing the determination of the international community to tackle climate change through multilateral action.


"This morning I spoke to Chris Huhne to congratulate him and the entire UK team on the successful conclusion of these negotiations.


"I also pay tribute to President Calderon of Mexico for the tremendous skill he has shown in bridging the gaps and producing a consensus outcome.


"Now the world must deliver on its promises. There is more hard work to be done ahead of the climate change conference in South Africa next year."


Chris Huhne, also welcomed the agreement saying,


"A global climate deal is in the UK’s national interest and Cancun shows other countries also want to get on with getting an international deal.


“We’ve worked hard to bring countries together and the expectations have been exceeded.


“A global deal on climate change is now back on track."


In this video update, Climate Change Minister Greg Barker reflects on the key outcomes of the Cancun agreement.



Energy Bill published - 09 December 2010


The Energy Bill 2010 / 2011, published today, has three principal objectives: tackling barriers to investment in energy efficiency, enhancing energy security, and enabling investment in low carbon energy supplies.


In particular it sets out for the first time how the Green Deal will work, the Government’s new and radical way of enabling private companies to make energy efficiency available to all. Bill payers, in households or business, will get energy saving improvements without having to front up the cash. Instead, businesses will provide the capital, getting their money back via the energy bill. Millions of Britain’s properties will be made warmer, cosier and cheaper to run.


Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne said: “I’m confident the Green Deal will catch on with the public. It’ll make upgrading our nation’s draughty homes a no brainer..."


Greg Barker meeting the Mexican COP16 President Espinosa

Cancun Summit Update - 08 December 2010


Greg Barker attended the Green Solutions exhibition in Cancun yesterday. The Minister met with British companies who are sharing their experience at the UK stand, including Energy Lab UK, a company currently working on the Green Desert Project in Sonora, Mexico.


"Green Solutions is an excellent opportunity to involve the private sector and make a transition to a low carbon economy", said the Minister.


Greg Barker also met the Mexican COP16 President, Patricia Espinosa, who complemented the UK’s role in developing clean technology, emphasising that through the international investments of our businesses, the UK was helping to drive change around the world.


Meanwhile at the request of the COP16 President, Chris Huhne has been working with the Brazilian Minister Teixeira, conducting consultations with other Parties on issues under the Kyoto Protocol.


At c.1930GMT (1330 local time) Chris Huhne will address the COP16 plenary. You can watch this live on the UNFCCC website.


DECC's Youth Panel report back - 02 December 2010


DECC's Youth Advisory Panel presented their report "ENERGY: HOW FAIR IS IT ANYWAY?" to stakeholders and staff today, in an event that was streamed live from the DECC website.


DECC's Youth Panel have been working over the past few months on their report looking at the UK's energy pathways to 2050 and how we keep the lights on while reducing carbon emissions.


The Youth Panel is composed of approximately 16 members of youth organizations, and was brought together following the Copenhagen Conference last year.


As shown in the DECC Youth Advisory Panel Energy Report Launch Film video, the Panel  have been visiting power stations, nuclear plants and projects promoting renewable energy sources, to investigate the issues at first hand and meet with experts, industry, pressure groups and innovators.





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