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Stephen Hale,

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Stephen Hale is now writing a blog about digital communication for the Department of Health
Posted 11 November 2010  

>> Stephen is now writing a blog about digital communication for the Department of Health:

The end of this blog
Posted 20 July 2010  

>> I'll be leaving my role in the Foreign Office at the end of this week. I'm sad to be leaving. This has been by far the most enjoyable and satisfying job of my...

British embassies and social media
Posted 08 July 2010  

>> British embassies are increasingly using social media to help reach and influence local audiences around the world.  Our diplomats aren't using social...

Diplodocus - who's there, and what are they doing?
Posted 29 June 2010  

>> People are using Diplodocus to talk about location based apps, how to centralise/devolve global web presences, social media guidance, copywriting, diplomacy...

Are you an international digital government person?
Posted 08 June 2010  

>> If you do an international facing digital job for a government, then you should join Diplodocus: a community for international digital government people . ...

Digital diplomacy briefing
Posted 29 May 2010  

>> So, we have a new government, a new Foreign Secretary and Foreign Office ministers , and new foreign policy priorities . The Foreign Secretary has...

The UK general election and digital diplomacy
Posted 06 April 2010  

>> The Prime Minister announced today that there will be a general election in the UK on 6 May. You're likely to notice that the Foreign Office digital...

Our digital campaigns - some highlights
Posted 06 April 2010  

>> It's annual appraisal time for civil servants, so I've been thinking back over a year of Foreign Office digital campaigns.  As I've mentioned before ,...

FCO blogs refresh - show original item
Posted 01 April 2010  

>> We've changed the way Foreign Office blogs look. If you're reading this blog via the RSS feed and you want to know what we've done, click on "view in...

Digital campaign managers
Posted 25 March 2010  

>> Our digital campaign managers have helped us to embed our work in the business of the Foreign Office. When I joined the Foreign Office 3 years ago, we tended...

The web as a foreign policy issue
Posted 10 March 2010  

>> You need to be multi-skilled to work in a government digital team these days. We expect members of the digital team in the Foreign Office to be simultaneously...

Forget global, everything is local now
Posted 04 March 2010  

>> Sometimes we get over excited about our global reach in the Foreign Office. We do have global reach. We have offices in 260 places around the world, in 150...

Evaluating our blogs
Posted 06 February 2010  

>> Foreign Office bloggers should focus on making sure that their blogs are integrated, personal, real-time, and 2-way. These are the headline findings...

Can I say anything useful about the future?
Posted 18 January 2010  

>> I wonder how far it's possible to be a digital futurist. I find it hard enough to understand what's happening right now, and to plan for the next few months. ...

Why websites matter less and less
Posted 21 December 2009  

>> Summary: Our audiences will increasingly find ways to use our web content that are more convenient than visiting our website. This won't reflect well in our...

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