South at Didsbury Point


  • Project type: mixed use: housing, offices
  • Full address: Between Cavendish Road and the Princess Parkway (A5103), Didsbury Point, Manchester
  • Postcode: M 20
  • Location type: suburban
  • Number of dwellings: 414. No affordable housing.
  • Dwelling type: flats and houses: 1 bed flat to 5 bed family house
  • Site area / density: 7 hectares (18 acres) 59 dwellings per hectare (23 dwellings per acre)
  • Parking Ratio: 1.3 per dwelling
  • Typical unit area: storage 7sq.m (75sq.ft), living 20sq.m (215sq.ft), bedroom: 12sq.m (129sq.ft) (smallest) 14sq.m (150sq.ft) (largest).
  • Cost per unit: £150.000 - £370.000 (sale price) (2003)

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Didsbury, Manchester


North West


2003 winner