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Last updated at 8:55 (UK time) 8 Oct 2010

Passport security

A British passport

The UK Government has a continued global commitment to ensure that that the British passport remains one of the most secure documents of its kind.

All biometric passports issued since 2006 contain an electronic chip which links the passport to its intended holder.This, together with a number of additional physical security features not only reduces the risk of its illegal use but also the impact this can have on the life of the genuine holder.

In October 2010 the Identity and Passport Service introduced a new passport design which is part of the ongoing process of ensuring that the UK passport contains the highest level of security features whilst retaining its deserved status as a secure international travel document. Biometric passports help to safeguard the UK’s borders, preventing illegal travel and making legitimate travel easier.

You can find more information on how the UK’s borders are managed on the UK Borders Agency website.

You can find information on renewing or replacing your passport on the DirectGov website.