Icon - Lime Tree Square

Design and construction

A large proportion of Icon - Lime Tree Square is public open space. These include green space along the main road, the main square, semi-private spaces like the green streets, and private exterior spaces like the upper-level decks in the terraced and mews housing. All apartments have private balconies with views to the green or the square.

The apartments and houses have simple forms and use a mixture of natural and modern materials set in high quality landscaping. Housing blocks are well laid out, with robust detailing and use of materials. The external finish of Icon - Lime Tree Square ranges from gabion walls using locally sourced stones, to local brick and rendered walls, and timber screening the elevated deck areas.

All affordable houses are built to Lifetime Homes standard.

Buildings use a structurally insulated panel system and high-performance rigid insulation with zero ozone depletion potential. The Kingspan structural Tek insulated timber frame panels have excellent thermal and airtight properties giving very low U-values. The airtight construction, coupled with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery, delivers fresh air while minimising heat demands and so lowering fuel bills

The timber frame panel construction also allows flexibility in the design of the services, as well as the windows and the aesthetic appearance of the buildings. The natural light in each home has been maximised to save energy.

The scheme is built to Eco Homes Excellent standard and exceeds building regulations in energy efficiency, heat loss and sound attenuation. The average carbon emissions and heat loss are very low.

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