Mecanoo Housing at Nieuw Terbregge

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Mecanoo Housing at Nieuw Terbregge

A sustainable housing development within the Nieuw-Terbregge neighbourhood uses terraces and communal decks to foster a strong sense of community. Designed by Mecanoo Architects.

The entire scheme of 860 dwellings is by a single developer, Proper-Stok, who worked closely with the municipality of Rotterdam. Each group of around 80 to 120 houses has its own structure, identity and energy strategy. As Nieuw-Terbregge lies next to the River Rotte at a depth of 6m below sea level, water features prominently in the landscaping, with much of the housing sitting as islands ('De Landjes' or 'little lands') surrounded by canals.

The objective at Nieuw-Terbregge is to demonstrate energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies on a large scale as an integrated element of an urban housing area.

The Dutch architectural practice Mecanoo's housing at Nieuw-Terbregge comprises 107 'double decker' dwellings on four islands. Next to the islands, 48 waterfront houses have been designed in an 'eight under one roof' typology.

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands