13. Are the streets pedestrian, cycle and vehicle friendly?

The main thoroughfare of the Pepys Estate, Deptford

PPS3 (housing): Local planning authorities should consider if streets are: ‘pedestrian, cycle and vehicle friendly.’

Streets are the most used form of public space and they need to be designed to work well for us all. Pedestrians and cyclists need routes that are safe, direct, accessible and free from barriers. Places with low speed limits are safer and can be achieved through the careful treatment of surfaces, junctions and crossings. In a low-speed environment, pedestrian, vehicular and cycle routes need not necessarily be segregated.

Homezones use materials, textures, patterns, furniture and good planting to divert and slow traffic.

For busier streets with fast traffic, cycle routes and pavements should be clearly defined.

A good streetscape will offer direct connections and crossings that are convenient and easy to use. It should be well lit, feel safe and make it easy for users to find and follow a route.

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The 20 Criteria

Environment & community
Streets, parking & pedestrianisation
Design & construction
Does the development provide (or is it close to) community facilities, such as a school, parks, play areas, shops, pubs or cafes?

Further reading

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  • Living Streets campaign