Case studies

Read more about award-winning schemes and the best of international housing design.  See who won Building for Life Awards in 2009.

Yorkshire and Humber case studies

  • Allerton Bywater

    Allerton Bywater (Area 3B)

    Castleford, West Yorkshire

    This innovative housing scheme is a small part of a much larger regeneration project and is at the south eastern corner of the Allerton Bywater Millennium Village which is being developed on the reclaimed site of a former colliery.

  • Norfolk Park Green Homes

    Norfolk Park Green Homes


    Fondly known locally as ‘Ballamory’ after the BBC children’s television programme, this housing scheme has raised people’s aspirations for their part of the city.

  • Scalebor Park

    Scalebor Park


    Scalebor Park is situated on the edge of a village in the greenbelt, and is located between Bradford and Leeds.

  • Sinclair Building


    The Sinclair building is one of Sheffield’s finest mixed-use developments.