Building for Life assessors

Highgate, Durham

There are over 200 Building for Life assessors working in local authorities who conduct assessments as part of the planning process.

CABE has established a national network of accredited assessors for Building for Life in local planning authorities in England.

What does the training involve?

  1. Attend a one-day training workshop by invitation
    You will be introduced to the Building for Life criteria, see how the criteria can affect the quality of a residential development, and learn how to conduct a Building for Life assessment.
  2. Complete some independent work and return it for review
    This includes completing an assessment on a sample planning proposal and referencing the twenty criteria against local planning policies.
  3. Sign up to the code of conduct
    This governs how assessments are conducted.

Accredited Building for Life assessors have successfully completed all three steps.

Is there a list of Building for Life assessors?

No. All assessors work within local planning authorities, so it is at the discretion of the authority which schemes are assessed.  Anyone hoping to have a formal assessment of their development should contact the local planning authority.