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  • Richard Mullane, Design for Homes

    Nightmare on Superdense Street?

    Richard Mullane, Design for Homes
    11 March 2008

    Is high density living achievable and desirable? Richard Mullane reflects on Design for Homes’ guidance Recommendations for Living at Superdensity

  • Trevor Wright

    Design challenges for house builders

    Trevor Wright, Redrow Homes
    17 December 2007

    “Good design can add real value to the business”. Trevor Wright – design director at Redrow Homes – outlines the importance of high quality design and implementation to the competitiveness of house builders.

  • Rosie Boycott

    A model for 21st-century living

    Rosie Boycott, The Guardian
    13 December 2007

    Rosie Boycott – former editor of the Independent – writes in praise of Great Bow Yard, upside down houses and all. The scheme won a Building for Life award in 2007.

  • Margaret Allen

    Addressing the design quality of new housing in the East Midlands

    Margaret Allen, Housing Corporation
    17 September 2007

    Margaret Allen – former Building for Life judge – looks at the response in the East Midlands to the results of CABE’s housing audit. Over half of the schemes assessed were poor. A new initiative has put stakeholders at the forefront of achieving good design.

  • Adrian Passmore

    Striving for design excellence in the West Midlands

    Adrian Passmore, RegenWM
    14 September 2007

    Can Building for Life become a “touchstone standard for quality”? Adrian Passmore – chief executive of RegenWM – looks at how a partnership is committed to a vast improvement in the design quality of housing in the West Midlands.

  • Wayne Hemingway

    Never mind the wind turbines...

    Wayne Hemingway
    13 September 2007

    Wayne Hemingway – Building for Life chair – looks beyond the bolt-ons to show how "design and sustainability are two sides of the same coin".

  • Joan Walley MP

    Regenerating Burslem

    Joan Walley
    6 March 2007

    Joan Walley – MP for Burslem – on how CABE is helping put "good design … at the forefront of everything that is done" in the North Staffordshire housing market renewal area.

  • Oona Goldsworthy

    Achieving long-term success

    Oona Goldsworthy
    2 March 2007

    The chief executive of the Bristol Community Housing Federation, Oona Goldsworthy, argues that long-term management and community building must be seen as integral parts of new housing developments.

  • Andrea Taylor

    Managing an award-winning estate

    Andrea Taylor
    27 February 2007

    Andrea Taylor, director of Development and New Business at Radian, on how the Housing Corporation’s nine principles of sustainability contributed to the success of Chapel – a housing scheme in Southampton achieving the Building for Life gold standard in 2005.

  • Richard Simmons

    There has never been a better opportunity for good design

    Richard Simmons
    8 February 2007

    Richard Simmons, chief executive of CABE, believes that now is the time for a revolution pushing for better planning and design practice in the housing industry.

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