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Peter Wilson
Political counsellor, Beijing

China's National People's Congress, and television

Posted 10 March 2010 by Peter Wilson  |  0 comments
The National People's Congress began in Beijing on Friday 5 March.  As it happens only once a year, it gets blanket media coverage here.  It lasts just over a week.  The biggest event is Premier Wen's Annual Government Work report, which is delivered on the morning of the opening day, and his annual press conference, on 14th March.

In case you're interested, a couple of media clips from Embassy people last Friday - from me, on CCTV's English language channel...

...and an extract from a longer interview with Duncan Sparkes, head of our Economic team, on the more widely watched CCTV economic channel.

I don't know if we make great TV (!) but just in case you want to see. 

Peter Wilson
10 March 2010

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