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Legal services

Getting married overseas? Lost your Spanish marriage certificate?

We offer a number of services for the public to assist them in their day-to-day lives both in the UK and abroad.

What is our Legalisation service?

We legalise thousands of documents each year.

If you are going to use British documents overseas, for business or personal reasons, you’ll probably be asked to have your documents legalised before they can be accepted. Legalisation is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a document is genuine.

What local documents can we search for?

We also provide a service to British nationals where we approach the authorities of another country to try and obtain local documents such as birth certificates and adoption certificates on their behalf.

Local document search

Information about the local document search the FCO offers, from legalisation to searching for legal documents.

The Government Diamond Office

Information on the Government Diamond Office, the UK issuing authority for Kimberley Certificates.

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