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London 15:52, 07 Jan 2011

Using Delicious RSS feeds

What is Delicious?

Delicious, a social bookmarking service, allows you to tag, save, manage and share related content with visitors to your pages.

See a good example of of Delicious on UK in South Africa.

For creating Inbound RSS promo using delicious you need to 

1. First create a post account in delicious
2. Set up tags to create RSS feed
3. Create inbound RSS promo page in Content Explorer
4. Finally link/call the feed promo on to the destination page (where you want the promo to appear)
5. Monitor your feed in case the links you’ve tagged are moved or deleted. (You’ll need to remove them from your feed as your feed will not automatically update.)
6. Let your Hub know what your username and password are for your delicious account.

Creating a post account in delicious:  

1. Go to and create a Delicious account.

Delicious step 1

• Username – your site name (for instance – UKinBrazil)

Setting up tags to create RSS feed:

In order to create RSS feed; you need to first set up the tags you're going to use
1. Log in to your Delicious account
2. Click on the Tags tab and select Explore

Delicious step 2

3. Now type a word for your tag (for instance “UKinBrazil – climate”). Alternatively, you can go to the Home tab across the top and search for stories that may fit your tag (for my tag, I looked for Brazil and climate change).

Delicious step 3

4. Once you find a story you want to add to your RSS feed, select SAVE beside it.

Delicious - step 4

5. A new box will appear below the link with the following details:

  • URL
  • Title – Make sure the title accurately describes the page you are bookmarking. This means re-writing the title that is shown in the box when you save and tag a link. (see screenshot in step 6.)
  • Notes
  • TAGS

6. You must add your tag in the TAGS field (such as Climate in this case)

Delicious step 6

7. Save it after you’ve added your tag. This will put the link at the top of your RSS feed.

8. Click on the Tags tab at the top and select My Tags

Delicious step 8

9. You will now see all the saved links. Click on the RSS feed link at the bottom.

Delicious step 9

10.     Copy this URL to embed in your post webpage.

Delicious step 10

Create inbound RSS promo page in your Content Store:

1) Log in to Morello and go to Content Explorer and build an FCO Promo – Inbound RSS in your content | en | promos | inbound-rss folder.

rss inbound - delicious

2) Enter the following details:
a. Feed URL
b. Cache time - at least 20 to 30 minutes
c. Result – could be 5-10 (as per post requirements)
d. Promo title – this will appear on the web page as the title
3) Save and publish the promo.

Calling the promo on the destination page:

1) Open the page where you want to add the feed. Put a link on the Promo links field. Also link to the disclaimer below it - content store | Central Content | content | en | promos | free text | delicious-disclaimer.    
2) Save and publish the page.  

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