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Relationship support

Building a strong relationship

Relationships are a source of strength and happiness. If your relationship is strong, then you will be more able to support each other through whatever challenges you may face together.

When you’re going through a difficult patch, it’s often the relationships with those closest to you that end up taking the strain. Seeking advice and support early can help strengthen relationships and stop small problems getting on top of you.

Relationship support

Relationship support

Why do you need to renew your tax credits?

All relationships need working on and even the strongest ones can be put under pressure at times.

We can all benefit from support, whether it’s from friends and family or specialist help from trusted organisations. Trained counsellors are also available to discuss your issues.

The Couple Connection – relationship supportOpens new window Relate - phone and online counsellingOpens new window

Thinking of taking the next step?

Thinking of taking the next step?

Thinking of taking the next step?

Moving in together, getting married or entering into a civil partnership all mean making a long term commitment.

There are things you can do to begin building a lifelong and happy relationship. You and your partner should take time to think about what this means to you, your 'what ifs?' and expectations. Some couples choose to do this through a marriage preparation course.

Married or not – information about your rightsOpens new window Legal advice on marriage and civil partnership

Life events

Life events

How to avoid mistakes when you renew

Pressure on relationships can be greatest around life events like having a baby, losing a job, experiencing ill health or a death in the family.

Finding out what to expect, where to go for advice and discussing issues online with others who have experienced similar issues can help you cope.

NHS advice on healthy living for everyoneOpens new window Coping with redundancy Gingerbread – advice and practical support for single parentsOpens new window The Fatherhood Institute’s Guide for New Dads (PDF, 440KB)Opens new window

Relationship breakdown, separation and divorce

Relationship breakdown, separation and divorce

Relationship breakdown, separation and divorce

There is help available if you want to try to save a failing relationship. If the relationship has definitely broken down, there are ways you can help make the break-up as painless as possible for you and your children.

Divorce, relationship breakdown and family courts Money made clear - Divorce & separation financial helpOpens new window Child maintenance options - advice on child maintenanceOpens new window Kids in the Middle – support for children during family problemsOpens new window

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Information from Directgov

Find out where you can get support and advice on issues that might lead to a strain on relationships

Other organisations offering support

Your Local Authority, Sure Start Children's Centre, JobCentre Plus or NHS Health Services will be able to help you find support in your area

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Having a baby?

Why not kick start the conversation with your partner using the Couple Connection ‘Baby Clues’ game, specially developed for parents-to-be and new parents