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Supply Chain Code of Practice

The Supply Chain Code of Practice outlines a set of best practice guidelines for the UKCS oil and gas industry to : Improve performance, eliminate unnecessary costs, add value and boost competitiveness.  First adopted by the industry in 2002, signatories undertake to work towards full compliance.  They include major purchasers (UKCS operators and principal contractors) and suppliers (companies providing goods and services).  The Code is endorsed by PILOT and the key Trade Associations.

Contact details

Name: Rebecca Barry
Company: Industry Development Executive - PILOT Secretariat, Industry & Technology Development - DECC
Telephone: 01224 254057
Email: rebecca.barry@decc.gsi.gov.uk

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 SCCOP Signatories Listfile-xls1911kb
 SCCOP Signatories Listfile-xls1911kb

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