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What to expect

We want to provide you with the best service possible so we have implemented various customer standards that we will always strive to achieve. We also explain what you should do if you feel that we have not met those standards. It is really important that you tell us how we are performing, and let us know when we are not getting it right.

Special payments and other help

We may be able to give you a special payment if we agree that you have suffered financially because we have:

In rare circumstances we may make a special payment to apologise for the way we treated you, if you have suffered:

We may be able to make a special payment to apologise for the way we have treated you.

We will consider a special payment, where appropriate, as part of your complaint. However, if you think it applies to you, please contact the office dealing with your complaint explaining why you are requesting a special payment.

There is no legal right to a special payment but we will consider your circumstances in line with our guidance.

Other help

If you want someone to help you make a complaint you could contact:

Your Member of Parliament may also be able to ask the Parliamentary Ombudsman to look at your complaint. There is more information in the leaflet 'Problems with a government department? How we can help', you can get this leaflet from:

Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration
Millbank Tower

Helpline 0345 015 4033

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