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Enquiry form

What is the enquiry form?

The enquiry form is a two page form that needs to be completed by you (or your representative, on your behalf) if you want to take your appeal to hearing. Below is an example of what the enquiry form you have received should look like.

The example form is for example purposes only, do not print this off as it will not be accepted.

Why do you need to complete the enquiry form?

The purpose of the enquiry form is to obtain information from you that will help us to organise a suitable hearing for your appeal. This form must be completed and sent back to the specified Social Security and Child Support office within 14 days of you receiving it through the post.

The main points you will have to consider when completing the form are as follows:

  1. Do you want to continue with your appeal or would you like to withdraw?
  2. Do you or your representative, if you have one, wish to attend the hearing where you can meet the Tribunal and put forward your case?
  3. Any days of unavailability?
  4. Do you need an interpreter or signer?
  5. Any other special requirements?
  6. Provide details of your representative, if you have one.

Guidance notes

The enquiry form comes with its own explanatory notes (as you can see from the example above) but to try and make it even easier to complete we have included on this site some more helpful guidance notes which you might find useful to follow when completing your form. If you are still having difficulties completing your form please contact us.