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Prime Minister's Initiative for international students

Last updated 08 April 2009


This is internal guidance for use by entry clearance staff on the handling of applications made outside the United Kingdom (UK) for dependants of students and prospective students. It is a live document under constant review and is for information only.

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Further information

STY2.1 Prime Minister’s Initiative for international students

The Prime Minister's Initiative for International Education (PMI2) was launched in April 2006. It is a five-year strategy that builds on the success of its predecessor, the Prime Minister’s Initiative (PMI), to attract more international students to the UK.  More information is available at: http://www.britishcouncil.org/eumd-pmi-about.htm

The priority countries are:

 Priority 1  Priority 2
 Brasil  Australia
 China*  Brunei
 Hong Kong  Cyprus
 India*  Gulf States*
 Japan  Indonesia
 Malaysia  Kenya
Russia*  Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
Singapore  Mexico
   Saudi Arabia*

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