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Accessibility Statement and Information

Last updated 06 July 2009


Our website has been built with accessibility in mind, so we hope you find that it meets your needs and that you can find the information you are looking for. If you spot anything that gives you problems accessing content on our website please let us know. Use our electronic feedback form to email us.

On this page you will find guidance on some common accessibility issues.



Further information

Accessible design

We are making every effort to ensure we do not exclude any users.  For example:

  • we try to use clear and simple language;
  • we have used combinations of colours that provide sufficient contrast between foreground and background across the website;
  • we use alternative text for all our images;
  • the templates we use are compatible with most used web browsers currently available;
  • our content is compatible with screen readers and can be navigated without the use of a mouse or keyboard.

If you need help on ways you can adjust your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible to you, visit the BBC's My Web My Way website.

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Help with accessing PDF documents

You will need a PDF reader to view PDF documents.  Adobe Reader is a software program that is available to download for free from the Adobe website and allows you to read and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

The website of the Royal National Institute of Blind People has a useful guide for screen reader users: 'Screen reader access to PDF: a users guide'.

All the PDF documents on our website open in a new window.

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Help with accessing applications forms

Downloading PDF forms
Forms in PDF format can be printed off and completed by hand. You will need a PDF reader to view PDF documents. If you do not have a reader, see question on Help with accessing PDF documents.

The PDF files on our website are set to open in a new window. Once the file is opened, you can save it by selecting File on the window's menu and then 'Save as' or 'Save page as'. If you want to save the file without opening it, right click on the link and select 'Save link as' or 'Save target as'. You will then be asked to select a location where you want to save the file.

Online forms
Help on most common queries about using our online forms can be found on our Frequently asked questions - online visa application page.

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Help with searching for information on our website

Help and detailed advice on how to make the best of our internal search engine is available on our Tips on performing advanced searching page.

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Help with subscribing to news feeds

News feeds allow you to see when we have published news items that are relevant to you without having to check our website for updates. They are known as RSS, which stands for 'really simple syndication'.

To receive them, you will need a news reader. This is software that checks our website and lets you read the newly published news items.

A news reader may be:

  • already available as part of your web browser (for example Firefox will create a news feed button when you subscribe to a feed if you ask it to create a live bookmark);
  • accessed using a browser (in the same way that you can access email from any computer using Hotmail, for example); or
  • separate software that you can download onto your computer.

Once you have a news reader, you can subscribe to our feeds by clicking on the one that interests you.

You can find a list of news readers on the BBC website.

You may also subscribe to the UK Border Agency Visa Services website to receive email notifications of news and other updates on our website.

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Reporting problems

Sometimes if you cannot open a page, refreshing it can solve the problem.

If you are experiencing difficulty using our online application, in the first instance, you will find answers to most common queries on our page on Frequently asked questions - online visa application.  If you still continue to have difficulty or you could not find an answer to your query please contact us using our online application process - enquires and feedback form.

If you experience any other problems or errors with the content on our website, or if you wish to give feedback about this website use our electronic feedback form to email us.

In each case please provide as much information as you can, including the address of the web page you were visiting and how you reached it.

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