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Standards files

National standards exemplified

Each collection of work in the standards files has been assessed using an assessment guidelines sheet. Four kinds of annotation or commentary may support assessment of the pupil's work.

Completed assessment guidelines sheets

A completed assessment guidelines sheet shows how the pupil's work is assessed and provides information towards making a judgement of 'Low', 'Secure' or 'High' within a level.

Marginal annotation

These annotations indicate where a particular criterion in the guidelines is met. The annotations refer directly to criteria for an assessment focus (AF) at a particular level.

Commentary/teacher's notes on a piece of evidence

At the end of each piece of a pupil's work in reading, writing or speaking and listening a commentary summarises what has been demonstrated across the AFs. In mathematics and science, after each piece of a pupil's work teacher's notes are provided along with next steps for the pupil.

Assessment summaries

These consider all the evidence and conclude with a level judgement for the AT.


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