Natural England - Environmental Stewardship forms

Environmental Stewardship forms

Closed schemes forms are also available.

FormScheme*Form Ref.Use
Agent authorisationAllNE-auth pdf documentApplicants/ Agreement holders, to authorise an agent to act on your behalf.
British native-origin seed formHLSNE-BNS pdf documentAgreement holders, to support the HLS claim. Used to register the source of seed used on the HLS agreement.
Common land supplementary applicationELS, HLSNE-CLA3 pdf documentApplicants, if the application for ELS or HLS includes common land.
Common land supplementary application for UplandsUplands ELSNE-CLA3U pdf documentApplicants, if the application for Uplands ELS includes common land.
Derogation noticeELS, OELSNE-DN pdf documentAgreement holders, to notify Natural England of a derogation.
Derogation requestHLSNE-DR pdf documentAgreement holders, to request a derogation.
Farm educational visit evaluation formESNE-FEDV pdf documentAgreement holder and visit organiser. Must be submitted with claim form.
Group visits summary sheetESNE-GVSSFFL pdf documentAgreement holder, to publicise educational access sites.
Field parcel reconciliationOELSNE-FPR pdf documentApplicants, to reconcile IACS/OS field parcels on the Organic certificate of registration to RLR parcels in the OELS pre-application .
Historic buildings information formHLSNE-HBI pdf documentApplicants, to apply for restoration of historic buildings.
Supplementary land ownership and control formESNE-LOC pdf documentApplicants, if you do not have management control over all/part of the land for the entire agreement term.
VAT DeclarationHLSNE-VAT pdf documentAgreement holders if you are not VAT registered and are therefore unable to reclaim the VAT element on goods and services purchased (Capital elements only).
Application checklistHLSNE-CApC pdf documentApplicants. Checklist to help you complete your HLS application form.
Application checklist for OrganicsOELS/HLSNE-CApCO pdf documentApplicants. Checklist to help you complete your OELS/HLS application form.

* Scheme Key
ELS - Entry Level Stewardship
ES - Environmental Stewardship
HLS - Higher Level Stewardship
OELS - Organic Entry Level Stewardship

Closed Schemes Forms are also available.