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  • Family Research
    Researching the military history of a family member?
    Information, including contact information is available here.

  • MOD Property or Land
    Is your enquiry regarding MOD land or property?
    Information, including contact information is available from here.

  • Freedom of Information (FOI)
    Request MOD information and view previous requests in the Disclosures Log and the Publication Scheme.

  • Medals
    For medal information, including how to claim and replace medals, and contact information.

  • Historical Information  
    MOD and Armed Forces historical information and facts can be found here, including details on related museums and archives.

  • Defence Organisations  
    MOD agencies, organisations and related links can be found here.

  • Analytical, economic and statistical information 
    Ministry of Defence (MOD) and defence-related statistics provided to Parliament, other Government Departments and the public.

  • Press Centre
    Featuring up-to-date MOD press releases.

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