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Ribbon Cutting at CastlemartinWelsh trail balances Afghanistan training with public access

A valuable new community resource which balances the need for vital military training for troops going to Afghanistan with public access to an unspoilt area of the Welsh...7 Dec 10

Mall Square ViewGreen light for Catterick Garrison town centre scheme

Defence Estates has signed an agreement with Birmingham-based Lingfield Securities to undertake the...1 Dec 10

Fareham SFA property [MOD: Crown Copyright 2010]Modernised homes for Fareham Service families

Service families in Fareham near Portsmouth are benefiting from a major programme of work to...24 Nov 10

Wolfhound vehicle manoeuvres around training areaArmy vehicle crew training school opens in Germany

The British Army has opened a new facility in Germany to provide soldiers and marines who are likely...3 Nov 10

MOD staff on bicyclesMOD Police get on their bikes to save energy

As Energy Saving Week begins, staff at the Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency...25 Oct 10

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