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Within the United Kingdom, there exisits three different Cadet organisations which are available to young people. These are the Sea Cadets, Combined Cadet Force (Royal Navy) and the Sea Scouts.

All of these organisations provide a structure by which young people can learn the qualities of leadership, responsibility, adaptability, as well as many others within a maritime, uniformed and disciplined environment.

The three Cadet forces are spread throughout the country and are often affiliated with local schools.

The Sea Cadets & Marine Cadets


Colourful parades. Exciting events and competitions. Expeditions to Africa and beyond.

This year promises to be one of the most memorable and fun-packed years in the Cadet Forces’ history, and with very good reason: 2010 is their 150th birthday.

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  • Cadet150 Gets the Royal Seal of Approval
    A group of young ambassadors kicked off a series of events, which will take place this year, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the launch of the cadet movement..
  • Cadet150 Events
    Lots of events are planned for the 150th anniversary right across the country and abroad. These will include a major celebration in or near the capital during the summer, as well as other events around the nation showcasing adventure, sports and cadet skills.
  • Introduction to Cadet150
    2010 marks 150 years since the Cadet movement first started, when the Cadet Corps was formed to help bolster the country’s defence numbers following heavy losses in the Crimean War.