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Royal Naval Reserve How to join


As a force, we’re in a constant state of readiness. This requires a lot of training – both at the start of your career and right through your time with us.

The normal training commitment involves weekly training nights, some weekends plus a two-week annual training period.  As well as a load of useful knowledge, you’ll develop your own self discipline, leadership and teamwork skills.

  • Initial Training - In Unit (Part 1)

    Your first 20 weeks will focus on background naval knowledge and fitness as you prepare for the next stage of your training.

    - You’ll be issued with basic uniform items and a New Entry Taskbook
    - We’ll help you to develop physically, and grow in confidence.


  • Next Stage HMS Raleigh (Part 2)

    An intensive two-week course at HMS Raleigh near Plymouth. You’ll meet other Reservists and take part in classroom work, physical activities and a passing-out parade.

    - You must attend within 12 months of completing your Part 1 training. (Courses run several times a year)
    - With your initial training complete, you start your job role training

  • Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC)

    This two week course is tough – long hours with mental and physical challenges.  But you will be well-prepared. And you’ll “pass-out” as a Young Officer .

    - You must attend within 12 months of starting your initial officer training. (Courses run 3 times a year)
    - The next phase involves two weeks at sea preparing for your Fleet Board exam
    - Your job role training will start after you’ve passed your Fleet Board

  • Command Leadership & Management

    Everyone in the RNR learns how to be a leader. Throughout your service, you’ll get opportunities to take part in theoretical training and practical exercises.

    - Learn the tools and techniques of leadership
    - Develop management skills and increase your confidence


Get a taste for the RNR

Get a taste for the RNR

RNR Brochure

RNR Brochure

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