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About the RNR

The Royal Naval Reserve is a part-time force of 2,300 trained men and women who are deployed with the Royal Navy in times of tension, humanitarian crisis, or conflict. They may be civilian volunteers but Reservists wear the same uniform, do much of the same training as the Regulars.
RNR Seaman providing upper deck security on RFA Cardigan Bay in the North Arabian Gulf.

We don’t just supply extra manpower. Reservists also provide niche skills and expertise which the Royal Navy doesn’t have on a day-to-day basis.

Over the last 10 years, Reservists have become more integrated into the day-to-day operations of the Royal Navy. At any time, approximately 10% of Reservists are on active duty. And many of our Reservists have been awarded medals for serving on NATO operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world.

The rewards
Serving with the Royal Naval Reserve brings a huge range of personal and professional rewards. As well as unique experiences, friendships and a huge sense of satisfaction, you’ll enjoy plenty of tangible benefits, too.

The commitment
Make no mistake – this is not a hobby! We may train part-time but we're definitely not part-timers. Once fully trained (after about 2 years), you are liable for mobilisation should the need arise. It is very important that you are certain that this commitment fits with your personal circumstances.

The minimum annual commitment is just 24 days, of which 12 are required to be continuous, and there is a great deal of flexibility about how you make up this time. It can be over weekends, week nights or training courses.

These are a few of the opportunities that may be available to you:

Maritime Trade Operations
MN Amphibious Warfare Officer


Commander Maritime Reserves Chris Steel
Commander Maritime Reserves


RNR Brochure

RNR Brochure

RNR Training

  • Training is demanding, but needs to be. Weekly training evenings, some weekends and two weeks annually. 

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