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RFA Largs Bay Haiti Diary

RFA Largs Bay with Port au Prince, Haiti in the Background.
RFA Largs Bay Continues Offload Operations
RFA Largs Bay Continues Offload Operations.

Follow the progress of the crew and embarked personnel onboard RFA Largs Bay as they make there journey from  the United Kingdom to Haiti and what happens when they arrive.


  • RFA Largs Bay Haiti Diary
    Where did the time go? It seems only the blink of an eye since I was called on January 19th and told to prepare the ship for disaster relief operations.
  • RFA Largs Bay Haiti Diary
    Well hello again it’s Chris Heyworth the Officer in Charge of 17 Port and Maritime personnel aboard Largs Bay.  It has certainly been a while since I last placed anything onto the blog and after my last  offering, I shall try and be a little less formal!
  • RFA Largs Bay Haiti Diary
    Hi! It’s Bob Beckwith, the Med Tech again. Today I am the Duty Petty Officer on the duty watch.
  • RFA Largs Bay Haiti Diary
    It was the Best of times, the Worst of times, but this was not The Tale of Two Cities, but a contrast between third world conditions ashore in disaster afflicted Haiti, and our first world expectations and desire to help on board.
  • RFA Largs Bay Haiti Diary
    I’ve spent quite a lot of this trip wondering what I’ll say when I get home. When people ask about this trip, about Haiti and about my involvement, what’s to tell?
  • RFA Largs Bay Haiti Diary
    This blog is being done to keep my old dear happy and all those other people who have been going on at me to get it done. They know who they are! Hello, maybe I should introduce myself now. My name is CR1 Roxy Challinor.