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HMS Sutherland
HMS Albion
The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ship Fort Victoria

What is AURIGA?

AURIGA is the major Royal Navy deployment of 2010, exercising on the Eastern Seaboard of North America and in the Western Atlantic.  Deploying from the UK in April of 2010, the Carrier Strike Lead Task Group will initially consist of approximately 2,000 UK, US and French personnel in 4 Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships, a French nuclear powered submarine, an American Destroyer and several rotary and fixed wing aircraft.  Later on in the deployment the Amphibious Task Group consisting of approximately 2,000 personnel and 5 ships will join for the final exercise.

The deployment will focus on a series of US and Canadian exercises with the principal aim of enhancing our Operational Capability by training with our coalition partners in traditional warfighting areas of Carrier Strike, Amphibious Assault and Anti-Submarine Warfare operations.  Elements of the Task Group will also participate in the International Fleet Review taking place in Halifax to celebrate the Centennial of the Canadian Navy.

The Task Group is Commanded from HMS Ark Royal by Commodore Simon Ancona Royal Navy, Commander UK Carrier Strike Group.

What are amphibious operations?

As well as operating in ‘blue’ or deep water areas, much of what the Royal Navy does is projection of maritime power ashore  that is to say, operations in more shallow, inshore waters, inserting troops (Royal Marines) and fire power ashore from the sea. AURIGA  will enable us to practice this in many different environments.


Carrier Task Group (CTG)

HMS Ark Royal Carrier (CVS)
HMS Liverpool Type 42 Destroyer
HMS Sutherland Type 23 Frigate

RFA Fort George Oil Replenisher

USS Barry Arleigh-Burke GMD

FS Perle Rubis class submarine
Joint Force Harrier (JFH)

Amphibious Task Group (ATG)

HMS Albion Landing Platform Dock (LPD)
HMS Ocean Landing Platform Helicopter (LPH)
RFA Largs bay Landing Platform
42 Commando Royal Marines
814 Naval Air Squadron
849 Naval Air Squadron