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Retirement and mental health

Thursday Nov 25 2010

“Taking early retirement is beneficial, at least for your mental health,” BBC News has reported. The website said that a study of French national grid workers has shown that early retirement has positive benefits for mental health...

Moderate drinking and heart health

Monday Nov 22 2010

The Daily Telegraph reports that scientists have discovered a molecule that may explain “why moderate drinking might be good for you”. This story is based on laboratory research, which found that alcohol...

Arthritis pain 'lower in happily married'

Wednesday Nov 17 2010

“A happy marriage helps ease the agony of arthritis,” according to the Daily Mail. The newspaper said that researchers have found that the emotional stability of a happy marriage has a powerful effect on...

Living for the moment

Friday Nov 12 2010

“Living in the moment really does make people happier,” reported The Guardian. It said that “people are distracted from the task at hand nearly half of the time and this daydreaming consistently makes them less happy”.

Extreme levels of texting 'unhealthy'

Wednesday Nov 10 2010

“Feverish texting by your teenager may be a dangerous sign – they are more likely to have sex and binge drink,” reported The Daily Telegraph. The newspaper said a new study suggests that teenagers who ‘hyper-text’...

Can exercise ward off colds?

Tuesday Nov 2 2010

“The best way to stave off a cold this winter is to exercise regularly,” reported The Daily Telegraph. It said that a study has found that people who performed regular exercise and felt fit cut their risk of a cold by almost half.

Exercise link to low depression

Monday Nov 1 2010

“Getting sweaty in your spare time means you’ll be twice as likely to stave off depression than someone who doesn’t,” the Daily Mirror has reported. However, the newspaper says that the link only...

Study compares drug harms

Monday Nov 1 2010

“Alcohol is more harmful than crack or heroin,” reported The Daily Telegraph and many other newspapers yesterday. The headlines stemmed from a study published in The Lancet...

Time to change the clocks?

Friday Oct 29 2010

“Moving clocks forward would cut road deaths in Scotland,” reported The Guardian. It said that a new study claims that moving the clocks forward by an hour all year round would cut road deaths...

Are allergies linked to birth date?

Wednesday Oct 20 2010

“Autumn babies were three times as likely to have an allergy to milk and eggs as summer babies,” according to The Daily Telegraph. Researchers believe the variation is due to the foetus’s exposure to pollen at a critical time in pregnancy...

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