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Did you know that everyday walking is good for you? It doesn't have to be hours slogging around in the middle of nowhere; any brisk walk over 10 minutes counts – whether it's to the shops or walking the dog.

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Going for a walk is a great way of getting fresh air and having a change of scenery. Walk4Life has teamed up with Walk England to help you plan, create and share walks.

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The Facebook Walk-o-meter!

This app has been developed to help you work out how much benefit you're getting from your everyday walking and how to get even more out of it. Play with it to see how far you walk over a year.

Try the Facebook Walk-o-meter

Let's Walk4Life

Walking is pretty special. Most of us do it everyday so it's easy to take for granted, but walking is not only good for your health - it can even make you look and feel better!

Why walking is brilliant:

  • You don't have to plan it, so you can be spontaneous! All you need are your feet and a pair of trainers or comfy shoes.
  • You can do it whatever the weather. If it's raining, don't be put off, grab a coat and wellies and get out there. The kids will love jumping in the puddles too.
  • It's sociable – take a friend and have a good natter. Or have a nice long chat with your family.
  • It's a great way to make short journeys instead of taking the car; and you save money.
  • You're probably doing it already.
  • It's FREE!

How far are you walking?

Most of your walking can be part of your every-day routine, for example walking around when you're on the phone, getting off the bus early or walking to school.

We've developed a special Walk4Life Facebook app to help you work out how far you're already walking day-to-day. It also tells you how much benefit you're getting from your everyday walking and how to get even more out of it.

Why not play with it now to see how far you walk over a year?

Try the Facebook Walk-o-meter

Did you know?

  • Walking is good for bones and muscles: helping your kids grow up big and strong.
  • It burns calories: in fact a brisk walk burns the same amount of calories as a run over the same distance!
  • It builds stamina.
  • It helps beat stress: walking can make you feel good and more relaxed.
  • It can cut your risk of heart disease by up to 50%, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and the risk of some cancers
  • It boosts your immune system for 24 hours
  • It can even lower your blood pressure.

A few quick ideas:

The secret is to keep walking fun for kids: once they see it's enjoyable and not a chore, you're on to a winner. So come on, show lots of enthusiasm!

Clare Roberts

"We walk everywhere as I don't drive, and we've been doing far more activities. It's easier for me to get out when the kids are not at school. We love the beach, which is a 4-mile round trip."

Get the family walking everyday

From walking to school to taking the dog out, it's easy to fit in a bit of walking every day.

Make walking part of the event

Whatever you've got planned for the day, why not walk there? Whether it's the swimming pool or cinema just leave the car at home.

Walk the dog

Dogs know walking is good for you. Find out why it's such a feel good exercise, by taking your dog - or the neighbour's - out every day.

Get off the bus early

If the weather's nice, walk the first part of your journey and get on the bus a couple of stops later – or get off a few stops early.

Make a day of it!

Many cities and towns have organised walks that you can join and there are also plenty of walks in more rural settings. Kids will enjoy themes ranging from nature, to local history.

So what are you waiting for? Let's Walk4Life!