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>> .. I cannot see how military exercises of a kind that have been conducted for decades can be regarded as justification for attacks on a peaceful village..

24 Nov 2010
Martin Uden, Seoul
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Beating the drum for British business

>> I visited Spain last week. I was there to beat the drum for British business, but I also spoke to Spanish business leaders from companies such as Santander and...

24 November 2010
David Lidington, London
Unleaded and “uncarboned”

>> Electric cars have been discussed as an alternative transport solution to help mitigate green house gases. What has been the problem? Why have we not made the...

23 November 2010
Pablo Retamal, Santiago
Registration for the Referendum - A Game of Two Ha...

>> The Chairman of the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission is on record as saying it would be a near-miracle if the referendum happens on time. But miracles, he...

22 November 2010
Nicholas Kay, Khartoum


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